Top 10 most beautiful places to visit in Swat Valley

Where is Swat Valley located?

The Swat valley, known as the Switzerland of the Pakistan, is one of the most scenic and marvelous tourist spots of Pakistan in the KPK province in the extreme north, bordering the Gilgit-Baltistan. If you want to enjoy the lush green valleys and towering rocky mountains with gleaming icy summits then Swat is where you would find all these dream landscapes. 
The alpine lakes to the ski resorts, lush green pastures covered by evergreen forest to the rocky mountains blanketed by snow, the valleys welcome the visitors all the year round. In summer the yogi still lakes and exotic blooming flowers around the lakes and in the valleys welcome you with the scents of wildflowers. The tranquility of nature would refresh and cleanse your soul. 

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How to reach there in Swat Valley?  

Reaching there in Swat Valley isn't that issue and protracted journey if you are in Islamabad. The valley is located some 250 kilometers north of Islamabad and it could take 4-5 hours to reach the downtown and administrative center of Swat Valley known as Mingora city. Once you are there in Mingora you can go in different directions to enjoy the beauty of the valley. Some tourist spots are not that far but some are somehow far but not that hundreds of kilometers. All the tourist spots can be covered in round trips from Mingora City.   

Top places to visit in the Swat Valley

We would say that if we count the tourist spots in the valley it would be hard to finish here in one post. The valley is blessed with the ultimate striking beauty of nature that you would find awe in every place. Whether we talk the mesmerizing lakes, the sublime beauty of the ski resort or the breathtaking beauty of the pastures you would be amazed by tourist spots of the valley. But for the convenience, we are going to list the top places so you can choose these places according to your mode and choice of the tourist spot. 

2-Kalam Valley

3-Daral Lake 

4-Madyan Valley

5-Mahodand Lake 

6-Kandol lake Kalam

7-Bahrain Valley 

8-Saidgai lake upper Swat

9-Spin Khwar Lake

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