Umbrella Waterfall / Poona Waterfall Abbotabad Pakistan

 It is a beautiful waterfall in the Poona Village Abbotabad District at a distance of around 80 kilometers if you follow the Islamaabad > Pir Sohawa > Kalabagh > Nathiagali Road. It will take around 2 and half hours

If you follow Hazara Motorway, it will be around 150 kilometers and it will take around 2 and half hours to 3 hours.

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Can family visit the waterfall?

We suggest not to visit if you are with family, especially with the kids. The track from the Poona Village to the waterfall is very steep and hard to go down and climb. 
It is best for the trekkers and the ones who love trekking. 

Sajjikot Waterfall 

This waterfall is just 4 kilometers from the famous Sajjikot waterfall. If you depart early, you can visit both waterfall in a single day. 

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