Daral Lake Swat, Pakistan

 The Daral Lake is located northeast of Saidgai Lake and can be reached by a challenging trek of two to three hours from Saidgai. Daral has a trail full of fun and amusement, since it passes through mountains with sky-touching heights that provide spectacular views. An alternative route also leads to Daral Lake, which is a 6 hour trek from Gabeen Jabba. There are beautiful meadows surrounding Daral Lake. The lake is open from May through September. The Daral river flows from this lake through a small stream. The dense forests of conifers, pines, and cedars that cover the deep canyon at Bahrain Valley provide shelter from the intense sun as you descend. If you are an expert of herbal plants, you will find countless treasures of herbal plants.

Where is Daral Lake located?

Daral Lake is situated in Bahrain, Swat Valley in Pakistan. The distance of Daral Lake from Islamabad is 181 km and it takes around 5 hours to reach Daral Lake from Islamabad. 

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Daral Lake, Swat

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