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Where is Malam Jabba located?

Malam Jabba is located in the dream land and the Switzerland of Pakistan, Swat Valley, only at a distance of about 300 kilometers from the Islamabad city. Malam Jabba is where you can find serene beauty and the tranquility all the year round. The place has got recognition worldwide due to its international level ski resort but there are much more to enjoy than the skiing. The best thing about the Malam Jabba is that it remains accessible all the round year as compare to other parts of KPK and Gilgit- Baltistan which are cut off from the external world in the winter due to heavy snowfall.

What are the things to enjoy the tour at Malam Jabba?

Depending on the season you can enjoy the sublime beauty of the Malam Jabba in different ways. In winter you can enjoy the Skiing and the snow fighting in the spectacular hills blanketed by the snow and thickly forested ridges and peaks around. 
In summer the valleys and peaks turn into a green carpeted lands and peaks with dozens and dozens of kinds of blooming flowers which scents the valley and welcome you with fragrance. You can enjoy, bonfire, trekking, photography and much more. There are two trails in the Malama Jabba valley which starts at different points away from the famous resort in the Malam Jabba. These trails extend into the wood and if you are prepared enough and want to spend few days in the marvelous woods then it is one of the kinds of things you would enjoy in the world. 

Buddhist Stupas

According to the history, the Swat Valley was once a prominent and important state at the pinnacle of Buddhism and there were many Buddhist stupas there, few are still there and you can enjoy the Buddhist culture and look how they crafted the stupas. The best thing is, the stupas are scattered around the resort and you don't need to cover long tracks and trails. 

The Ski Resort

As mentioned above the Malam Jabba region is famous due to the spectacular Ski resort there. The ski resort, in fact, is one of the best places where one can enjoy the tour in winter and summer as well. The sublime beauty of the surrounding and the slope of the track, known as the best in the world, will provide you the ultimate pleasure when you are a ski lover. 
The best thing is, the resort area is equipped with many things like the cable cars, ice skating rings, skiing platforms and best quality restaurants. 

How to reach there?

By Air Journey

There are many options open for you when you want to visit the beautiful Malam Jabba. You can reach there By Air, as there is an airport in the Mingora City known as Saidu Sharif Airport. PIA flight operate for this airport and when you land there in Saidu Sharif than the Malam Jabba resort will be just  50 kilometers away and you can reach there in the resort in one or one and half hour. If you want to stay in Mingora then there is no shortage of hotels and restaurants.

By road Journey 

For by road journey there are many options, you can choose the route which suits you. If you want to explore the different region and places and want to have a long journey then you can choose Karakoram Highway or the Murree Road. But if you want to reach there in short time then choosing the Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway will be better.
It would be better to inform you that, if you want to visit the Murree and Swat in one trip then it is possible. From Islamabad you would follow the Murree road and pass through the Murree Hills you would reach the Muzzaffarabd city and passing from there you would again enter the Karakoram Highway. So, you can cover both the places in one round trip. 

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