Thagas Valley Khaplu Mashabrum

Thagas (aslo spelled as Thagus) is a beautiful town in the Mashabrum Tehsil of District Ghanche about an hour drive from the Khaplu city.
The beautiful valley comes on the way to some of the most beautiful valleys, peaks and the famous glacier and border between India and Pakistan, Siachen Glacier.

Thagas town in Mashabrum District Ghanche Khaplu

Thagas Town Bazar

Shrine of Pir Mir Arif (R.A)

There is a shrine of a famous and pious religious figure, Mir Arif, in the Thagas Town. He had come from India 1015 AD for preaching Islam. By his good deeds and preaching, he converted the whole region to Islam.  

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