How to find a perfect pet friendly accommodation

There is a growing trend that nowadays people are concerned about leaving their pets at home locked in a kennel and they now want to carry the pets along with them where they go. Also keeping this trend in consideration pet-friendly accommodations are growing whether in hotels or rental apartments or villas. In past the pet lovers used to wonder that”Is the pet allowed” and in most of the cases it would be like “NO”, but now this trend has ended rather people are allowing pets at their rental homes and villas with no surplus charges. Even wherever you want to reserve online there would be separate options asking you about pet and the best thing is the cost in most of the cases is almost same for people accompanying the pets. It is even more beneficial i.e. sometimes accompanying a pet becomes inexpensive than leaving it at home and pay for the kennel till your return.

Tips for traveling with pets         

There are few points to consider while traveling with your pet which will help you in caring the pet in the best way. Certainly, you would use a different mode of transport to reach the destination so we are going to list the things to consider and how to do things accordingly.

By plane

If you are flying make sure that you ask the operator about the requirements in advance and make the ambiguities clear before the time arrives. This will help you in arranging the required things to accompany with the pet.

By land

If you are traveling by road then you need to map out the plan in advance and schedule the bathroom stops. At the stop let the pet run around this will help in keeping the restlessness of the pet away. Also, it is better if you go on a test drive of 1-2 hours to judge the pet i.e. to check if the pet develops motion sickness or severe anxiety. This will familiarize the pet with vehicles and you wouldn’t face any problem during your journey. You need to consider the safety as well. Sometimes maybe you don’t want to lock up your pet while driving but keep in mind that this is a matter of safety and sometimes pet roaming in the vehicle freely may be distracting and even dangerous. Keep in mind the medical prescription of the pet and don’t rely only on the foods which you will buy on the way rather carry enough food and other necessary things for the pet.

Other things to consider

Not every locality and service providers have same rule and regulation regarding the pets, so go through their rules before making the deal done.

Some service providers apply restrictions on free roaming of pet in the room and they are not allowed on beds and furniture and they charge an extra fee for cleansing. Some restrict the numbers of pets, therefore, you need to contact them in advance in this regard. Some order for the vaccination certificate and flea treatment etc. So keep all these things in mind before making the reservation. 

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