You should choose serviced apartments instead of hotels for short stay

Service apartments are booming in the hospitality industry around the world and it is earning a big name day by day. Although there is no shortage of luxurious kinds of hotels in the world still people prefer the serviced apartments over these because they find larger space, freedom, and privacy which could be limited in hotels.

Advantage of serviced apartments

Aforementioned; service apartment trend is spanning generally in Australia and specifically in Melbourne because of the following benefits.


The best thing it offers is that it is the way you can save your budget along with standard living space. Normally staying at a hotel for a long time like a fortnight or above charges you enormously and if you are with a group of friend or with the family then it would be more expensive. But staying at serviced apartments solves this issue; as they are cheaper then hotels and many service providers offer discounts as your stay extends which make your mind free of accounting the expenses of expensive hotels. Another advantage is that these apartments provide you well-maintained kitchens which will be beneficial for you in two terms; first you will have your own options of cooking your own choice of food and the second is it will save you from expensive service charges of hotels. Having a well-maintained kitchen will allow you having meal according to your preference of cuisines and timing.

Larger space

If you want to experience a home away from your home then this is the best option to have because it not just provides you rooms rather separate room for cooking, living, dining, and sleeping as well. If you are away with your kids then it is the thing to consider because kids love playing and you would find ample space to allow kids doing so. Hotels rarely offer amenities beyond the bed and every other square inch of space cost you amply.


We all know that living away from our homes in hotels is not like living in our home and we need to comply according to rule and regulations of the hotel i.e. we don’t have larger and broader freedom, but having a serviced apartment mean you are in your home and you can do whatever you do in your home. You can utilize your space as you want; like you can have BBQ at the terrace or the balcony and just kick back and relax with your family.

DIY laundry

There would be things in mind that hotels offer laundry service by themselves, but keep in mind that their laundry service is always overpriced and having a laundry facility can save you from the enormous expense.

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