How to travel alone without any fear

Today’s world is though known as a global village and one feels pride that they are living a better life and enjoying a luxurious and privileged life than their ancestors but on the other hand, life is becoming challenging and hard due to grave security concerns. Assault, kidnapping, homicide, rape, robbery, and larceny etc are becoming prevalent offenses and one is not sure what is going to happen the very next moment. In keeping these things in mind the only better and forthcoming option to protect one from these kinds of heinous crimes is possible only by keeping a personal alarm.  But there are certain things you need to know before you go for the purchase of the alarm.

Types of personal alarm

Personal alarms are found in different kinds i.e. there are some personal alarms which is operated by means of phone numbers i.e. by means of programming. Another kind of alarm is that which one can carry with oneself and is found in different kind of things like a key chain, wristband etc.     
The kinds of alarm which are operated by means of programming and phone lines are further divided into two types

  Ø  Non-Monitored alarm:

   This is the one which is not monitored i.e. it is not linked to a monitoring room rather it is pr-programmed to a person’s number who is willing to help or to whom you have to know how and acquaintance.

  Ø     Monitored alarm system: 

     This is a kind of alarm system in which the auto dealer is programmed to a monitoring room which   responses and works accordingly.
These are mostly used for the aging and elderly and in homes where there are patients and it is not possible to duty them 24/7.
The other kind of alarm is the one which is found in the form of material and can be carried anywhere to save you from different kind of crimes. This kind of alarm is very crucial for one’s safety, especially for women. The most prevalent form of this kind of alarm is found in the form of a key-chain.

How does it work?

It looks like a car key chain so that it can be easily disguised from the attacker. It has batteries inside and buttons to push and the pin to pull for the activation. Once the pin is pulled out it would be activated and will create an ear-piercing alarm for about half an hour. Also, it has a bright LED light which can be used to for other purposes when it is dark.


There are certain advantages of this kind of alarm.
        I.            It is legal to carry in different parts of the world as compare to other personal alarms like pepper spray or stun gun which are prohibited in different part of the world
      II.            These need no training for using the alarm and there is no age restriction for usage
    III.            It is pretty small to carry anywhere

    IV.            The sound is very loud and the criminal would be hapless once it is run 

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