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Where is Sajikot waterfall located?

It is a beautiful and picturesque waterfall in a village known as Sajjikot in Havelian near Abbottabad city. The village Sajjikot is located around 24 km right from Havelian. A road leads from Havelian to Sajjikot. This picturesque landmark is visited by thousands of visitors in summer from all over the Pakistan. 

What is special about the Sajikot waterfall? 

The first thing is, of course, the picturesque and serene landscape which makes it part of heaven. The water tumbling down from the rocky outcrop with gushing and gurgling sounds beckon you and it looks all inviting and inspiring. When you descend into the pound and moves toward the rushing water and give a dip into the crystal clear water it will give you a freshness as the water trickle gently from the head all the way to the toes. You will feel a happiness and calmness. 
The second reason is, it is easily accessible as compared to the other beautiful waterfalls in Swat or Gilgit-Baltistan and other parts of the KPK and Gilgit-Baltistan. You can easily reach there using any kind of vehicle, either you want to choose the private mode or the public transport it is up to you. 

How to reach?

To reach the waterfall first one has to reach Havelian. There are many ways to reach here which depend on where are you coming from, i.e you are coming from Abbottabad, Azad Kashmir, Peshawar or Rawalpindi / Islamabad side. 

Route from Islamabad

From Islamabad, there are two options. The first is the Karakoram Highway. If you follow KKH, you will have to cross the following cities: Taxila, Hassan Abdal, Haripur, and Havelian to reach Sajjikot. You don't need to go to Abbottabad if you are visiting from Islamabad because Havelian comes before Abbottabad.  From Havelian city a road named: Kiala road will lead you to the waterfall. This route will take about 3 hours to reach the waterfall. When you are in Sajjikot village, it will be roughly 1-1.5KM ahead of Sajjikot bazaar on the same road. When you cross Sajjikot you cross a Nullah. The waterfall is visible from the road or at least audible from the road.

Another option is following the Pir Sohawa road from Islamabad. This road passing through the valleys and ravines will enter the Havelian and it will take about 2 and half hours. Keep in mind that this route is not a viable alternative of KKH and you can face any problems for pit stops or services, in the case of an emergency, but in overall, this road is also an alternative.  

Sajjikot road

Also, note that it is a 3 step waterfall. The first two are small steps and the last one and the most famous one is huge. But the upper two steps are also beautiful. If you want to visit them then you should descend just before the main waterfall.


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