List of Lakes in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Pakistan

Are you planning to visit the picturesque and breathtaking lakes in the KPK? Then you are on the right website, here we will let you everything about the marvelous lakes of KPK in detail. In fact, in KPK there are varying tourist destinations which are open all the year round and one can visit these places in accordance with the seasons and weather.
For instance, if you want to visit the Historical site and buildings you can visit the plain areas and cities and towns like Peshawar and if you want to visit such places which are rich in natural beauty then you can visit Abbottabad, Ayubia, Nathigali etc. But if you want to visit the spectacular lakes then you must head up north like in Naran Kaghan valley and Swat Valley etc. 

One thing you need to keep in mind is that these lakes are at high altitude and these wouldn't be accessible all the year round because heavy snowfall is observed in the valleys where these spectacular lakes are located. One of the most famous lakes in the KPK is the Lake Saiful Muluk and if you want to visit the lake in March-April or before that then you wouldn't be able to do so because until the mid-May or start of June snow doesn't disappear completely therefore even if you succeed you wouldn't enjoy the way you want to. 
The best season to visit the lake Saiful Muluk and the other lakes in the valley and the Swat Valley is the June to end of August because in this season the summer will be on peak and the landscape would have been turned into a heavenly place welcoming you with the fragrance of wildflowers. beautiful mountains having gleaming icy summits and the low altitude areas having beautiful evergreen species of trees would be the spectacular scene to have. 

Following is the list of Lakes. To see the detail just click on the titles given.
                                                                  Ansoo Lake

Lake Saiful Muluk 

Mahodand Lake

Dudipatsar Lake

Dubibasar Lake

Kundol Lake

Lulusar Lake

Siri Lake

Spin Khwar Lake

Godur Lake 

Tanda Lake

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