Lakes of Balochistan Pakistan

Although Pakistan is rich in water and there are a number of high altitude and breathtaking lakes in Pakistan. But the water source in Balochistan province is scarce. Therefore there are few lakes as compared to other provinces.
Balochistan's landscape is somewhat unique as compared to the other provinces as other provinces are fertile and rich in water resources but the Balochistan is opposite in this case. Most of the areas in Balochistan land is arid and supports very less life because water scarcity has been one of the main issues. The area is spanned over thousands of square kilometers but you won't find a water source except the unending deserts and sandy brown peaks at the interval. The reason of water scarcity is, the region doesn't have any high altitude mountain ranges as the higher the mountains the heavier will be the snow falling and the water sources will be abundant. 

The second reason is, the whole region of the province doesn't fall in the course of any major river of Pakistan. As we know Sindh and Punjab also don't have high altitude mountain ranges nor they receive snow but they are rich in water because they fall in the course of the network of rivers flowing downstream from the towering mountain up in the north in KPK, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Azad Kashmir. 
Following are the list of the lakes in Balochistan.
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          Hanna Lake

Hub Lake

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