Mushkpuri Abbotabad District KPK, Pakistan

Where is Mashkpuri located? 

Mashkpuri ( also spelled as Mushkpuri) is located in the Abbottabad district of KPK at a distance of only 40 kilometers from Abbottabad city and 30 kilometers from the Murree. Nestled between one of the most beautiful summer resorts and hills of Pakistan, the Mashlpuri is a dreamland in KPK and its sublime beauty attracts the tourist towards it all the year round.

What are the things you can enjoy at the Mashkpuri?

At Mashkpuri you can do many things but the most prominent and the most enjoyable things you should do is the tracking and hiking. Mashkpuri Top is well known for providing the spectacular and breathtaking view of the surrounding and you can reach the top covering a short track of 2.5 kilometers, starting from the Dunga Gali to the top.
The track from the Dunga Gali to the Mashkpuri Top passes through thickly forested mountains and especially when in summer the surrounding greenery and the scents of the wildflowers provide and amazing and one of a kind of experience. The region surrounded by thick the forest of different species of conifers provides and amazing view and an amazing experience. 
From Mashkpuri Top you can have an amazing view of Ayubia National Park, Dunga Gali, Kashmir Valley other spectacular hills covered by evergreen pine trees and you would feel like you have lost in a wood. 

The Pond at the top

There is a pond at the top of the Mashkpuri hill and you would be amazed by the tranquility and mesmerizing beauty of the pond. The crystal clear water reflecting the blue sky and sea of clouds when the weather is cloudy it will give you a memorable experience. 

How to reach there? 

Reaching there in Mashkpuri isn't a problematic one because it is not a protracted journey, from wherever you are coming from it would take few hours to reach there. You can reach there from two routes, either from Abbottabad side or from Murree side. When you are in Islamabad and you want to visit then there are three options. 
First is you can follow the Karakoram Highway and reach the Abbottabad city, that would be a long journey but the plus point is you would be able to visit the beautiful Abbottabad city, Nathia Gali and the Ayubia National Park while en route to Mashkpuri.
Second is via the Kashmir road, this route will be the shortest and en route to Mashkpuri you will see the beautiful valleys and hills of Ghora Gali, Murree, Changa Gali and many other small hamlets, valleys and towns. 
The third option is to follow the Islamabad-Murree Expressway. Through this route, you will be able to witness the spectacular Murree Jhika Gali and many other beautiful and picturesque valleys, towns and hills. 

The best thing about visiting the Mashkpuri

When we talk about why visiting Mashkpuri is advantageous in many terms is that it provides you myriad options in term of accessibility and you can enjoy the tour to many spectacular places in a single round trip. 

What are the options for the stay?

As we mentioned earlier, the tour to Mashkpuri isn't a protracted journey. You can return to Murree or Abbottabad after visiting the Mashkpuri, and you know there are countless options for stay in Murree and Abbottabad. But if you want to stay there in the vicinity of Mashkpuri Hill for a night or even for few days then there are many options as well. The Dunga Gali, the entrance to the Mashpuri Hills is equipped with very well maintained restaurants and hotels. Some of the restaurants are Amore, Luxury Inn, Pine Track, Mashkpuri Hotel, Blue Pine Restaruatn and much more. These restarutans are equipped with all kinds of indoor and outdoor facilities and you would find everything you wish. 

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