The beautiful Shogran valley KPK

Shogran is one of the most beautiful hill stations and tourist spots of Pakistan in Mansehra district of KPK in the well-known and green carpeted Kaghan valley. Shogran is at a distance of 222 km from Islamabad, 34 km from Balakot and 65 kilometers from the Mansehra city. 

Why should you visit Shogran once in life? 

Shogran, we would say, is one of the most scenic and spectacular hill stations not only in KPK but in overall Pakistan because the serenity, wilderness and scenic dreamlands in the Shogran have no parallel in the whole Pakistan. Be it the thickly wooded peaks, the meadows at the top, the view of the spectacular birdseye view of surrounding or the chance to visit many amazing tourist spots around this place is, in fact, a fairyland. During the sunrise and the sunset, you would have an amazing view, especially when it is the cloudy weather. you would feel like the sea of clouds are buzzing and hugging you. The distant wooded peaks, the gleaming icy summit and the white clouds hovering over the peaks would give a perfect scenery to enjoy. 

How to reach there? 

It depends on from where are you coming. If you are coming from Abbottabad or Mansehra the road which leads one to the Naran and Kaghan valley will be followed from the Mansehra city. But if you are coming from Islamabad then there are many options for you, it all depends on your preference. 

First option

From Islamabad, you can follow Islamabad-Murree-Expressway. This route will pass through Murree, Bhurban, and Muzaffarabad and near Balakot city of KPK it will enter the Naran Kaghan road. From Balakot it will take a maximum of one hour to reach the Shogran. This will be the shortest route

Second option 

Another option is, you can drive through the woods of Maragalla Hills and passing through the spectacular Pir Sohawa you will reach the Haripur city. From Haripur, it will follow the Karakoram Highway and pass from Abbottabad and Mansehra you will again enter the Naran-Kaghan road. 

Third option

The third option is driving on the Karakoram Highway which will pass through Taxila, Haripur, Hassan Abdal, Abbottabad, and Mansehra. From Mansehra, you will turn east and enter the Naran-Kaghan road.

Places to visit nearby

When you have visited Shogran then you can visit some spectacular and marvelous places on the same route from the Shogran. These picturesque places include Siri Paye and the Siri Lake. The Siri Paye, another famous tourist spot, is just 7 kilometers away from the Shogran and the Siri lake is one the way to Siri Paye. So you can visit so many beautiful and amazing places in one round trip

Siri Paye Meadows
Siri Lake, Shogran 

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