Uchhali Lake Soon Valley

Uchhali Lake is a saltwater lake in the Southern Salt range of Soon valley, district Khushab of Pakistan. It is at a distance of 290 km from Islamabad and 300 km from Lahore. Sakesar, the highest mountain in the salt range, is covered by the snow in winter. This lake was formed by the drainage water of the area. But later on, when drainage system was introduced in the area the lake was preserved as picnic point. The lake is 1 kilometer wide and two kilometers long. Because of the saltish water the lake is lifeless. A small ascent of the hill on right side of the lake with fully lush green trees presents a scenic view. At a time the lake is covered by the thousands of migrating birds. Boats are also available at the lake. Besides the boats, there is a rest house too on the side of the lake. The lake is said to be 400 years old.

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