Districts of Gilgit-Baltistan with their population and area

Gilgit-Baltistan is in the northern part of Pakistan bordering the countries, China, India, and Tajikistan. Previously it was controlled by the federal government of Pakistan naming the region, FANA (Federally Administered Northern Areas) or simply Northern Areas of Pakistan. 
Gilgit-Baltistan consists of three divisions:
1- Gilgit
2- Baltistan
3- Diamer
It is further divided into ten districts. Below is the map of the region according to new delimitation.

       The map below is the old map; when Shigar, Kharmang, and Nagar were not declared as the district.

The table below shows the area and population of the region according to 1998 census. Area and population of the newly formed districts are included in the previous districts, of which they have been part of because no authentic source is available yet for the area and population according to new delimitation.


  1. district of GB with its population and area

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