Khewra Salt Mine, Jehlum Pakistan

Where is Khewra located?

Located in the district of Jhelum, Punjab province of Pakistan at a distance of 200 km from Lahore and Islamabad, this salt mine is the 2nd largest salt mine in the world. Hundreds of thousands of tourists rush every year to see this spectacular place.  The mine has a train to move around, a number of salt water pounds, a replica of Minar-e-Pakistan, a statue of Allama Iqbal, accumulation of crystals that forms the name of Muhammad in Urdu and model of Great Wall of China.
Other attractions include 75 meters high Assembly Hall, Pul-e-Sarat, a bridge with no pillar over a 25-meter deep brine pond and Sheesh Mehal.
This salt mine was discovered in the era of Alexander but proper mining was started in the Mughal era.

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