How to explore the Karakorum mountain ranges?

Eric Shipton, a renowned mountaineer of the world,  once said,"talking about the Gilgit-Baltistan is to indulging in superlatives because everything in this region is the highest, the largest and the biggest". 

If we ponder upon this he is right. Karakoram mountain ranges which are in Gilgit-Baltistan, Ladakh, and Xinjiang region of China covers about 77,000 square kilometers. Most of the area falls in Gilgit-Baltistan and the regions which fall in China and India are actually the periphery of the Karakoram range. 

The region has the largest glacier reserve, excluding the polar regions, the highest mountain pass in the world and the highest plateau of the world.  But the region is famous for its rocky mountains. The sheer cliffs with gleaming icy summits present breathtaking views to the visitors. 

Can you explore the peaks?

If you think you are not an experienced and capable mountaineer and you should avoid visiting the Karakoram mountain ranges then you are completely wrong. Yes climbing the mountains like K-2, Nanga Parbat, Mashabrum and Gashabrum etc needs specific capabilities and specific gears which a common person can't possess. But Karakoram mountain range is not only confined to these mountains, there are hundred of other peaks in the region which even a common person with normal hiking gears and enthusiasm to explore the serenity of nature can ascend. 

How to explore the mighty peaks? 

In the Karakoram mountain ranges which fall within Pakistan, there are variations in the peaks and in accordance with the locality, the structure and the height of the peaks vary. 

Reaching the remotest areas

For instance, the peaks around the mighty K-2 are the highest but those peaks are in the remotest regions, reaching it isn't that easy. If you want to visit the base camp of these peaks you must be stocked with enough food supplies, hiking gears, camping gears and proper arrangement of clothing. These mountains are not at a walking distance from any town or even from any settlement. From the last human settlement of the Shigar valley, it takes about eight days and nights to reach the base camp of the K-2 so you can imagine how should you be prepared. 

Enjoy the serenity 

Of course reaching the base camp of K-2 is no less than an achievement. Enjoying the wilderness in front of the worlds second highest peak on the worlds largest glacier of the third pole, Baltoro Glacier, is more than an achievement. But if you can't afford the travel time, or you are not that adaptable to the harsh environment then there are many doors open to enjoy the serenity of nature in other ways as well. 

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