Rohtas Fort Jehlum Pakistan

Rohtas - yet another historical landmark of Pakistan built in the 16th century by none other than the mastermind of the Grand Trunk Road - Sher Shah Suri, the then Muslim ruler of India. However, due to its distant and off the main road location, many tourists forget to visit this gigantic and huge infrastructure spread over a circumference of 4 kilometers. The approach road to Rohtas is just 3 kilometers short of Dina, a small town ahead of Jhelum on Lahore - Islamabad Road. From the main GT Road, Rohtas is only 8 kilometers away, located southwest of Dina town. Previously this approach was restricted in fairly dry weather in the absence of a bridge over the Kahan River - in fact, the absence of any bridge over the river kept the tourists away from this historical fort. 

Now with the construction of a bridge, the approach to this massive rock structure is a matter of minutes. The fort lies 320 58' N and 730 34' E and is about 4 kilometers in circumference. The fort was built mainly to block re-entry route of the deposed Mughal emperor Humayun who had fled to Iran after his defeat at the battle of Chausa, to intimidate the local Ghakkar tribes, who were friends of the Mughal and also as a military base. The work started in 1541 AD and completed in 9 years. There are many estimates in various scripts as far its cost of construction is concerned. Some place it around Rs. 3,425,000, while a Persian script puts the cost of construction and maintaining an army at around Rs. 110,107,975. At one place it says that one gold coin ("Ashrafi") was given for each brick that was placed.

Rohtas Fort  Pakistan

Rohtas Fort  Pakistan

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