Port Fountain Karachi Pakistan

The Port Fountain or Karachi Port Trust Fountain is located next to the northern rock of a series of islands known as the Oyster Rocks, off the Karachi Harbour. The fountain is the world's third tallest and rises to a height of 620 feet (190 m) when operating at full force. Ever since its inauguration on January 15, 2006, the fountain has been attracting visitors from all over Pakistan. The fountain structure and platform of 135 sq meters (15 m x 9m) is on 16 piles 18 metres deep. Two 835 horsepower (623 kW) turbine pumps deliver nearly 2000 litres of seawater per second at a velocity of 70 metres per second through specially designed 8-inch (200 mm) nozzles. The fountain was constructed at a cost of PKR 320 million (approximately $5.3 million US).

Because the fountain rises so high into the air, it is easily seen from many locations of the city. Many high-rise apartments, buildings and surroundings overlook the fountain throughout the community at the beach. The column of water can be seen from several miles at sea. The fountain is located 1.4 km away from the beach to avoid spraying water onto beachside homes. Maximum vapours travel up to a radius of 500 feet (150 m) around the fountain. Eighteen floodlights of 400 watts illuminate the fountain at night.

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