List of PTDC Hotels and Motels in Gilgit-Baltistan

PTDC Motel Skardu

The PTDC Motel Skardu is located in the heart of the city almost at a distance of 10 minutes car drive from the main bazaar. 
One can enjoy the scenic view of Indus River, Pakistan's largest river and Kharpocho Fort from here.

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The comfortable rooms and a fine restaurant make the stay at this motel memorable. In addition, Rent-a-Jeep, Satellite TV, Fax and Curio Shop facilities are available on the premises.Most of the rooms are huge and comfortable. 
Contact Info for Reservation:
+92 5831 50291 
+92 5831 50293 

PTDC Motel Gilgit

This motel is located on the Babar road of the Gilgit city. The motel is at the heart of the town and takes 5 minutes car drive to reach the airport or main market. Gilgit River is also in proximity to the motel at a walking distance. 
Along with its comfortable and well-furnished rooms overlooking the green lawns and its popular restaurant which is also the best in Town, the PTDC Motel offers Rent-a-Jeep, Curio Shop, Satellite Television, Telephone, Fax and Laundry facilities.
For reservation you can contact at these numbers:
Fax: 05811-452650 

PTDC Motel Hunza

The panoramic view of the KKH and the valley of Nagar across the river, PTDC Motel situated in its very center, is absolutely stunning. From the PTDC Motel, one can take a day’s trip to Nagar valley overlooking the magnificent Hoper Glacier. 
The village of Passu adjacent to the Passu Glacier can also be visited in a day’s trip. The PTDC Motel offers comfortable rooms with its excellent restaurant (serving both local and western cuisine) and the fairy tale view of Rakaposhi Peak on a moonlit night. The Motel also offers Rent-a-Jeep, Telephone, Dish Antenna and Laundry facilities.
For reservation detail contact at:
Tel:  05813-457069 
Fax: 05813-452650

PTDC Motel Khaplu Baltistan

PTDC Motel Khaplu is located in the Khaplu town at a distance of 103 kilometers from Skardu city. It takes about 4 hours to reach here from Skardu city.

The motel presents a breath-taking scene of nature. The valley is very beautiful passing the Sheyok River on the north side of the motel. This valley is used as the base camp by the tourist heading towards many famous mountains and glaciers like Baltoro Glacier, Biafo Glacier, Saltaro Glacier, Sia Kangri, Thalay La, Ghandu Ghoro La, K-6, and K-7. The famous and oldest mosque in the region, Chaqcahn Mosque, can be visited from the motel in a day's trip from the motel.
From Skardu, jeeps are conveniently available on hire. The motel has 16 rooms, restaurant offering local and continental foods, Rent-a-jeeps, satellite TV and laundry facilities.
For reservation and detail information contact at:

(05832) 450146
(05832) 450147 

PTDC Motel Rama Lake Astore

Rama Lake Motel lies at a distance of 120 kilometers from Gilgit, where regular transport service is available for hire.
PTDC’s newly constructed Motel at Rama Lake is a welcome addition as an important tourist resort. By virtue of its peculiar location, it can conveniently serve as a base camp for trekkers and mountaineers intending to scale the mighty heights of Nanga Parbat. 
The motel is an elegant tourist complex having 12 well-furnished, comfortable rooms, lounge and a Restaurant serving oriental and continental dishes. Besides, facilities like Rent-a-Jeep, telephone, Satellite TV, and laundry are available.
For reservation and more information contact at:

PTDC Motel Sost (Pak-China Border)

The Motel here is ideally located adjacent to the Immigration Post. It's comfortable, well-furnished rooms provide a welcome relief from the rugged, mountainous surrounding. The restaurant with its choice of Pakistani and western cuisine is a haven of delight. The Motel also offers Satellite TV, Laundry, and Rent-a-Jeep/Transport facilities. Arrangements for traveling into China are available
For reservation contact at:

PTDC Motel Phandar Valley Gilgit-Baltistan

This motel is located on the Gilgit-Shandur road in a very beautiful and panoramic valley of Gilgit-Baltistan Known as Phandar valley.
The motel is located on a small area of raised ground so providing the visitor to take a view of the whole panoramic Phandar Valley in a single glance. Also, a lake named, Phandar lake is located near the motel which provides breath-taking scene. This motel is one of the most beautiful in all the PTDC motels in Gilgit-Baltistan.
The motel is equipped with clean and well-furnished rooms. In addition, Rent-a-Jeep, Satellite TV, Fax and Curio Shop facilities are available on the premises.
Public transport also operates from Gilgit city to this lake and motel.
Below is the valley of which any visitor can take a view at a glance. The valley is perhaps a heaven presenting a stunning view, a stream bisecting valley in a zigzag pattern.

PTDC Motel Gupis Gilgit-Baltistan

This motel is located in a small town of Gupis and well equipped with comfortable rooms. It is situated along the jeep track that links Chitral and Shandur to Gilgit city.

It is a very nice place to stay facilitating a panoramic view of the surrounding area. A beautiful lake "Khalti Lake" is situated near the motel at a distance of 15-20 minutes walk.
The comfortable rooms and a fine restaurant make the stay at this motel memorable. In addition, Rent-a-Jeep, Satellite TV, Fax and Curio Shop facilities are available on the premises.Most of the rooms are huge and comfortable. 
For reservation contact at:

PTDC Motel Stak Nala Gilgit-Baltistan

This motel located at the Gilgit-Skardu link road and at a junction of two rivers, Indus and Stak, presents a scenic view. The motel is situated in the mid of Gilgit and Skardu city on the way to K2 when you are traveling from Islamabad or Gilgit to Skardu.
It is the main stop of the vehicles going from Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Gilgit heading towards the Skardu city. A zigzag road from here to uphill is Stak Nala which is also beautiful and breath-taking valley with a lush green forest of different kind of species, a vast land covered by the glacier known as "Kutia Lungma Glacier" and rocky mountains full of gemstones.
The valley is visited by the number of tourists. Also, the researchers of the forest, gemstones, and glacier are attracted by this valley.

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