Tookla Village Stak Nala Skardu, Pakistan

Tookla is a small beautiful, spectacular and breath-taking village in-between two streams, i.e Tookalano Lungma and Chogo Lungma (Stak River)  in Stak Valley. The stream on the east side is known as Chogo Lungma and  the stream running from west to east is known as Tooklano. Along with the lush green pastures on the banks of the Chogo Lungma towards the eastern side turns this village into an organic village. It is also served as base camp to the researchers of forest, Kutia Lungma Glacier and adjoining mines of precious gemstones.

Kutia Lungma Glacier is at a distance of three to four kilometers from here and mines of gemstones are at a walking distance of half an hour. The people of the village are popular for hospitality towards the visitors. 
The gemstones of the Stak Nala has gained popularity at international level in the recent two three years. These mines are at walking distance of half an hour from this village.

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