List of 1 and 2 Star Hotels in Gilgit-Baltistan with contact details

 List of Hotels in Skardu, Hunza, Gilgit

S.NoName & Address of EstablishmentStar
1.     M/s. Shigar Fort Residence, Shingar, District Skardu.2-Star
2.     M/s. Park Hotel, Airport Road, Gilgit2-Star
3.     M/s. Hotel One-Skardu, Airport Road, Gamba, Skardu2-Star
4.     M/s. Khuaplu Palace Residence, Khuaplu, Skardu.2-Star
5.     M/s. Top Moon Hotel, Airport Road, Gilgit.1-Star
6.     M/s. Taj Hotel, Madina Super Market, Gilgit1-Star
7.     M/s. Madina Hotel & Guest House, NLI Chowk, Gilgit1-Star
8.     M/s. Gilgit Gate Way Hotel, Khomor Chowk, Gilgit1-Star
9.     M/s. Hotel North Inn, Komor Chowk, Gilgit1-Star
10.   M/s. Hotel Reveria, River View Road, Gilgit1-Star
11.   M/s. Karakoram Lodge, Chiama Bazaar, Gilgit1-Star
12.   M/s. Rupal Inn Hotel & Restaurant, Komor, Gilgit1-Star
13.   M/s. Jamal Hotel & Restaurant, Airport Road, Gilgit1-Star
14.   M/s. Baig Guest House, Airport Road, Gilgit1-Star
15.   M/s. Baig Hotel, Jamat Khana Road, Gilgit.1-Star
16.   M/s. Baig Hotel & Restaurant, Airport Road, Gilgit.1-Star
17.   M/s. Baig City Guest House, Near Ramzan Hotel, Gilgit1-Star
18.   M/s. Ishkoman Hotel, Gilgit.1-Star
19.   M/s. Grand Continental Hotel, Chinnar bagh, Gilgit.1-Star
20.   M/s. Haji Ramzan Hotel, Aamir Market, Gilgit.1-Star
21.   M/s. Al-Falah Hotel, Link Road, Airport Road, Gilgit.1-Star
22.   M/s. Canopy Nexus, River View Road, Gilgit1-Star
23.   M/s. Hotel Shaheen, Airport Road, Gilgit.1-Star
24.   M/s. Palace Hotel, Madina Market, Gilgit.1-Star
25.   M/s. Hotel Green Palace, Gahkuch, Gilgit.1-Star
26.   M/s. Karakoram Inn (Hotel & Restaurant), Main Bazar, Near Yadgar Chowk, Skardu.1-Star

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