Best Food Points in Skardu/ Famous Food Restaurants in Skardu

This post is specifically for the tourists who are new in Skardu and don't know where to eat. We know it is boring to eat the same food on daily basis from the restaurant where you stay, change in food freshens your memory of different kinds of food and especially if you want to eat traditional foods, you need to visit specific hotels and cafes. 

Following are some famous food points/ corners in the Skardu City you must visit on your visit to Skardu. 

1- Shahi Dewan 

It is located on the Hussaini Chowk of Skardu, in the middle of the main Bazar of Skardu. 

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2- Shinwari Namak Mandi 

It is located on the Airport Road 411, near Akbar Flour Mill Skardu. 

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3- Say-One Clifton Road 

It is located near the Clifton Bridge on Alamdar Road. 

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4- Chainomy Cafe

This Cafe is located on the Hajigam Chowk. This is famous for the fast food and drinks. This is not for the people who want to eat Karahi, Rice, Fish etc. 

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5- Food Street Apixoq

This cafe is located near Forest Office in the Apixoq area. This place is best if you want to eat fast food, drink tea or local juices.  

Food Street in Skardu

6- MFC Food Corner 

MFC is located on the Almadar Road between Almadar Chowk and Ali Chowk. MFC offers fast food, Pakistani Food and Chinese. 

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7- Singham Biryani 

This cafe is locted newxt to the MFC. In the picture below, the right half is Singham Biryani. This cafe provides only Biryani and Pulao. Takeaway is also available easily. 

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8- Taste Point 

This is located near Yadgar Chowk Skardu on the second floor of Habib Bank Main Bazar Branch. This is famouos for Pakistani food. 
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