Pakistan to China by road journey on KKH

Why should you travel from Pakistan to China by road? 

Well, by road journey in any part of the world is the best way to enjoy the serene beauty of the world and most of the nature lover and adventurers prefer the by road journey because it is the way to enjoy the indigenous beauty of landscapes and cultures. 
But the road trip from Pakistan to China would be one of a kind of road trip that you would never forget in your life. The reason is, it would not be only a road trip, you will be traveling on the "KKH 8TH WONDER OF THE WORLD", the highest international paved road in the world which has world's serene, rare, unique and splendid landscapes from Pakistan to China.

How long does it take and what is the distance? 

The journey starts from Islamabad, capital of Pakistan, and ends in the Kashgar city of China. In total, the length from Islamabad to Kashgar is 1300 kilometers and it would take two days or 48 hours approximately to reach the Kashgar city of China from the capital city of Pakistan. 
Kashgar is the first major city in China when you enter from Pakistan side when you enter from China to Pakistan then the major city on Pakistani side will be the Gilgit city. 

Karkoram Highway passing through the Hunza Valley. In this picture taken from Baltit Fort the Hunza River and Karakorum mountains can be seen.

What can you enjoy while traveling on KKH?

If you want to know what are the places along the Karakoram Highway from Pakistan to China then this post will tell you about each and every city, town, valley and other tourist spots. We shall not repeat those in this post. We are going to tell something new in this post, so be ready to go through this. 

  • You can see the junction of worlds three mightiest mountain ranges
Yes, you can see the junction of world's three mightiest mountain ranges. Himalaya emerging from India and Nepal, the Karakoram from China and Hindukush from Afghanistan meet at a point in Gilgit region of Pakistan. 
Junction of three mightiest mountain ranges, Himalaya, Karakoram, Hindukush at Juglote
This is the junction where Himalaya, Karakoram, and Hindukush meet

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