Trango Towers Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan

Where are the Trango Towers located? 

The Trango Towers are located in the Karakoram mountain ranges in the region of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. In short, the Trango Towers are located on the way to K-2 and other mighty mountains, but the towers are some 40 kilometers before the base camp of K-2. The towers are located at the north of Baltoro glacier, in fact, if you are going from the north side, it is the starting point of Baltoro Glacier.

Trango Tower (Nameless Trango), This is the most famous of all 10 towers

How to reach there? How long does it take? 

Reaching the base camp of Trango Towers is somehow difficult but not that challenging if you are determined climber and nature lover. You don't need to be an acclaimed rock climber for enjoying the worlds greatest vertical drop, reaching the base camp would be a great accomplishment to enjoy the serene beauty of the towers. 
To reach there at the base camp of Trango Towers, first, you need to reach the Skardu city. You can choose to reach Skardu by road or by air.
Once you are there in Skardu, then you will move towards the K-2 through Shigar valley via a jeepable road. The last human settlement will be the Askole and Korphe, from there onward you need to trek.

Some interesting facts about the Trango Towers

Most people think Trango Towers will be comprised of 2 or 3 rock towers. But, in fact, the tower consists of 10 rock towers and most of the familiar and famous one which has been pictured most and climbed is the Trango Tower (Nameless), shown in the above picture. It is called the Nameless because all the 9 towers of the Trango Towers have the name but this one has no name and just call as Trango Tower and people consider this one as the real Trango Tower because this tower has the sheer surface and presents the most challenging task.

List of Trango Towers with elevation / height 

Great Trango consist of 4 towers
  1. Main (6,286 m (20,623 ft)), 
  2. South or Southwest (6,250 m (20,510 ft)), 
  3. East (6,231 m (20,443 ft)), and 
  4. West (6,223 m (20,417 ft))
Others include:
5- Trango Tower (Nameless)  (6,239 m (20,469 ft))
6- Trango Monk (5,850 m (19192 ft) 
7- Trango II (6,237 m (20,463 ft)
8- Trango Ri (6,363 m (20,876 ft))
9- Trango Pulpit (6,050 m (19,850 ft)
10-Trango Castle (5,753 m (18,875 ft)

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