Winter season in Gilgit-Baltistan and best places to visit

Although the region of Gilgit-Baltistan is famous for its summer resorts and tourists from all over the world visit the region in summer, visiting in winter will be one of a kind of experience in your life. This is because some places are naturally inclined to be visited in winter and you wouldn't get the joy in summer at such destinations. Also, there are some sports and festivals which are held in winter which would be a plus if you reach the region during those specific days. 

What can you enjoy in  Gilgit-Baltistan in winter? 

There are many things you can do and observe, we will list them all and detail out all about what you can do and enjoy. 

1- Skiing in Naltar valley 

The Naltar valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in the region and each year a skiing competition is held over there in January or February. There is an international level ski resort, and cable car as well. If you are an expert in skiing, you can take part otherwise you can enjoy the competition and of course the mesmerizing beauty of the snow-capped valley. 

2- Football match and dance over the ice sheets of frozen lakes and rivers 

You need to know that the region experiences an extremely low temperature during winter and the water freezes giving thick ice shields covering the lakes and rivers. The lakes and rivers are covered by thick ice shields and one can walk above water like one walks on the ground. The interesting thing is, people, play football over the lakes and rivers and organizes dance parties. 
People have made a record by playing football on the Indus River, Pakistan's largest rive in Skardu during winter. Similarly, the people of Ghizer play football and dances over a lake in winter. So, if you want to participate, you can reach the region and become part of the world's unusual sports and games.  

3- Witness the wilderness of Deosai plains 

Deosai Plains, the highest plain in the world is one of the most visited places during summer. In summer, the wildflowers spread over thousands of acres of land welcomes the tourists with the special fragrance. 
But in winter the snow-capped mountains, the frozen lakes, streams, and the free-roaming brown bears make it part of the heaven. It can be accessed during the start of winter and in spring, during midwinter, it is not accessible because heavy snowfall makes it impossible to access there. 

4- Kopolo game in Shigar Baltistan 

Kopolo is a game which is played in Baltistan region of Gilgit-Baltistan, northern Pakistan. The game somehow resembles with hockey but rules are different. The players use hockey sticks for playing but the ball is made of leather and cotton fabric, giving it a soft touch. Theferore the players don't need to wear any special uniform for safety measure. It is a very interesting game, they not only use the hockey sticks but the whole body power to push others and snatch the kopolo (ball). 

5- Yak Safari in Shimshal valley Hunza 

Yaks are found in Gilgit-Baltistan in great number, as it is a kind of animal which is found at such places where the temperature will be low all the year round. Therefore in winter, a Yak Safari is organized in Shimshal valley of Hunza. The Shimshal valley is near the border of China, in fact, the valley borders China. 

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