Unusual places to visit in the world

Everyone wants to spend the holiday, honeymoon or even weekend at a spectacular place which will be beautiful, appealing unique and unseen. But mostly people visit such places which they have heard of from their friends, colleagues and family. 
But what we are listing here will not be some of those mostly visited places or those places which you will browse on internet on most cases.
You don't need to spend your holiday all the time on a beach or mountainous region, there are many other kinds of unique and adventurousness landscapes on our mother planet earth. It seems that they  don't belong to this planet or they are part of heaven but they certainly exist on our earth. We are gong to list such beautiful and unique landscapes of the earth which you must visit once in life. 

1- Zhangye Danxia China

This unusual and mesmerizing landscape is located in the Gnasu province of China. The Gansu province is located in the north of China which shares the border with Mangolia. 
The landscape of the places is unique due to its unusual colors of rock and sand dunes. If you have a look it looks like there is a rainbow shining right now. 

2- Cappadocia Turkey 

This unique landscape is located in the Anatolia region of Turkey. You can enjoy the beauty of this landscape while trekking but if you want to have a bird eye view of the whole landscape then you can enjoy hot-air ballooning. Hot-air ballooning is the most popular at this locality and you can enjoy it.

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