Satpara Lake Skardu Gilgit-Baltistan

Where is this located?

Satpara Lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the Skardu city of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. It is one the best places to visit in Skardu to enjoy the fishing and photography.

Some facts and history 

This lake is one the largest fresh water reservoirs in the Gilgit-Baltistan which supplies drinking and agricultural water for the Skardu city. This was initially a natural lake spread over a vast area of Satpara in the southern entrance of Skardu city. In 2008 an earth fill dam construction was started on the lake site to fulfill the water requirements of Skardu city because irrigation system in Skardu was not fully supported by other streams and electricity production was one of the major issues of the city. Construction of the dam now has almost completed adding 8 MG electricity in the grid system and providing water access to the arid area through a connected channel network.  

Satpara: Then vs Now

Satpara lake before 2008 was a different one than it is now. There was an Island in the middle of the lake but when the dam construction started it slightly submerged and now during summer time this Island is completely inundated by the water. So, the beautiful Island is no more there in the center. Also, there was a small hamlet on the eastern side of the lake and there was a PTDC motel at there. 

How to reach there? 

If you have visited Skardu then you shouldn't miss the chance to visit this spectacular lake. Visiting this lake is very easy because it is not at a long distance. It is just 15 kilometers from the downtown and within 20 minutes you can reach there at the lake. Even you can reach there by a motorbike ride. 

Other places nearby 

If you have made mind to visit the Desai Plains then on the way to Deosai you would have the chance to stay here for some moments because the same road links Skardu with the Deosai Plains. Deosai Plains is some 50 kilometers south of Skardu city and of course, if you have visited Gilgit-Baltistan and haven't visited Deosai Plains then you haven't visited the place which is actually the place which could be called the face and identity of Gilgit-Baltistan. 

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