Skardu City Pakistan, Top Places to visit in Skardu City

Skardu city is the administrative center of the Baltistan Division in Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan, formerly known as Northern Areas of Pakistan. The name Skardu is derived from the Tibetan language which means, "Star Stone". The inhabitants of the region speak Balti, a Tibetan language which is also spoken in Tibet, Kargil, and Ladakh regions of China and India. The district consists of four sub-divisions, main city area, Gamba Skardu, Hussainabad, and Roundu.

Skardu is the heaven for nature lovers

In term of tourism, Skardu city is the main hub of the tourist, trekkers and nature lovers. The city is spectacular, beautiful and breathtaking surrounded by the goldish peaks of the Karakorum and Himalaya ranges which are covered by the snow in the winter.
From the Skardu City, one can visit the worlds highest peaks and plains of the world. One can easily visit a number of spectacular and picturesque lakes, forts, resorts and waterfalls which are in the vicinity of Skardu city at a distance of half to two hours drive.
Following are the tourist places which are at a distance of half to two-hour drive in the vicinity of the city. One can return to the Skardu city after visiting these panoramic places in one day.

Shangrilla Resort

Manthokha Waterfall

Kharpocho Fort

Shigar Fort

Khaplu Fort of palace 

Satpara Lake

Upper Kachura Lake

Sheosare Lake Deosai Plains

Deosai Plains

These are the places which are at some far distances and takes few days.

Gashebrum I

Gahembrum II

Broad Peak

Gondogoro Pass

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