List of most beautiful safari parks in Pakistan

Visiting a park gives your soul a refreshment but the ultimate recreation is possible only when you have the full access to nature. The safari parks in Pakistan provide you the chance to explore and observe different kinds of animals and birds in close proximity which otherwise wouldn't be possible. In zoos, you can observe the animals and birds but you couldn't go that close because they would be locked in cages or there would be fences around animals and birds to avoid the human interruption to their environment.
But in the Safari Parks, you can drive your vehicle in and around the places where you can observe the birds and animals very closely. Imagine how wonderful that would be if the distance between the lion and you are the only glass of front or rear door, vent or quarter glass or the glass of the back window.  In Pakistan here are a number of beautiful, spectacular and picturesque safari parks having a number of species of animals and birds. These parks are also equipped with playlands, cafes, restaurants, lakes, chair lifts and track of trains. 

Following is the list of safari parks in Pakistan.
Karachi Safari Park, Karachi Sindh

Safari Park Lahore Punjab

Jallo Wildlife park Lahore Punjab

Lohi Bher wildlife park Rawalpindi Punjab

Murree wildlife park Punjab

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