Beautiful and breathtaking places to visit in Lahore

Lahore is known as the heart of Pakistan and in fact, it is more than that when we talk about the sublime beauty of the city. For a tourist, it is difficult to find all kinds of tourist spots in a single city, like there could be many cities which would be famous for a specific kind of tourist destination like historical buildings or spectacular safari parks or beautiful shopping malls. But Lahore is where you would find all kinds of destinations which one wishes to visit. It is a city which provides the visitors with varied kinds of places to visit; you can enjoy the marvelous architecture of the Mughal Era forts, mosques, and tombs or you could enjoy the wonders of modern engineering at the commercial centers. You can visit the historical gardens, buildings and in fact a whole segment of the historical city built in the Mughal era known as "The Walled City". Here you can visit safari parks, zoos water parks, and gardens where you can refresh your soul.
The architectural marvels in Lahore have no parallel in the whole world. Either we talk about the meticulously designed Shahi Qilla or the wonderful design of Badshahi Mosque or even the mix of old-fashioned grandeur and colorful art of the Wazir Khan mosque, it is a place where the cultural enthusiasts can find wonders of architecture.


Shai Qilla

Badshahi Mosque

Shalimar Garden

Wagha Border

Lahore Zoo

Lahore Safari Park

Data Darbar

Sozo Water Park

M. M. Alam road 

Tomb of Jahangir

Race Course Park

Hiran Minar

Wazir Khan Mosque

Moti Msoque



  1. The climate and temperatures vary in different regions of Pakistan, but it is mainly hot and dry in summers except in the northern mountain regions.

  2. Lahore Museum is the oldest and largest museum in Pakistan. It was established in 1965 under the British Raj. The museum is the house of many renowned artifacts including collections from Gandhara, Buddhism, and Indo Greek civilizations. Apart from these collections, the Lahore museum also has an extensive collection from the Mughal era. places to visit in Lahore


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