Kharpocho Fort Skardu, Pakistan

The Kharpocho Fort is a beautiful and historically important fort of the Baltistan region. It is located in the city of Skardu on a small hill surrounded by the Indus River, Pakistan's longest river" from one side and Skardu city from another side, only at a walking distance of half an hour from the main market of the Skardu city, Yadgar Chowk.

Construction of Kharpocho Fort of the King of forts at Skardu has been attributed to the famous ruler of Skardu – Maqpoon Bugha (1490 – 1515 AD), the great grandfather of Ali Sher Khan Anchan (1560 – 1625 AD) by Hishmatullah.
But Mughal historians are of the view that the great fort was built by Ali Sher Khan Anchan himself. This view is upheld by European writers such as Cunningham, Foso Marine, and G.T. Vagne etc. Some observations about this fort have been made in the Imperial Gazetteer of British India. It states that one of the most famous of the Gralpos (Monarchs of Skardu), Ali Sher Khan, who ruled until the end of the 16th century, conquered Ladakh and built a fort at Skardu.

Kharpocho Fort

A famous tale about this states that this fort was built in such a way that there was an underground way from Raja's (Monarch of City) fort in the downtown to this fort. This fort was actually built for defensive purpose as it is on the top of a hill which is surrounded by Indus River on one side and Skardu town on another side. Still, there is only one way from the town side to reach the fort because the face of the ridge facing the town provides a steep vertical drop and it is impossible to climb the hill from this side, except the built-in way of the southeast face. 
When there arose any chance of attack by other states, Raja moved here. As there was only one way to enter from town side, it was impossible to attack from another side because of the Indus River, this way used to lock during any attack and soldiers were put on duty at the entrance. All the communications were done through the underground way.
You can also take a bird-eye-view of whole Skardu city in a single glance from here. 

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