Keenjhar Lake or Kalri Lake Thatta Sindh, Pakistan

Keenjhar Lake also known as Kalri Lake is one of the most spectacular, picturesque and largest man-made lakes in Pakistan. It is located in Thatta District at a distance of 22 km from the Thatta town, 122 km from Karachi city and 80 km from Hyderabad city. 
It is the second largest freshwater lake in Pakistan providing the drinking water for the Karachi and Hyderabad city.

Keenjhar lake in winter becomes home and breeding point of thousand flocks of migratory birds like DucksGeese, FlamingosCormorantsWadersHeronsEgretsIbisesTernsCoots and Gulls from Siberia. The WWF has also established an information and protection center at the lake.
Keenjhar lake is also a popular resort. The lake is visited by the thousand Pakistanis and international visitors too, to enjoy the boating and swimming.
The Sindhi legend of Noori Jam Tamachi took place around the lake, and to this day there is a shrine in the middle of the lake marking Noori's grave. Every day hundreds of devotees visit the shrine.

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