Four deserts of Pakistan & Cholistan Jeep Rally

Pakistan is a country where you can find varying landscape, from towering mountains to the sun-kissed beaches and from green carpeted hills to the vast deserts expanded over thousands of square miles. But the deserts have their own captivating beauty.
Thar is the largest desert in Pakistan and it is spanned over thousands of square miles of Sindh province, it is actually part of the greater Thar desert in the Rajasthan state of India. Thar is spanned over many cities and towns of Sindh and there is very less population, due to water scarcity it doesn't support farming or any kind of agriculture at a larger level. 
The Cholistan is the second largest desert in Pakistan and it is mostly spanned over areas of Southern Punjab. This desert is also spanned over thousands of miles but unlike the Thar desert in Sindh province, it supports life and agriculture to some extent. You would find settlements at interval and farming or other kinds of agriculture. 

Cholistan Desert Jeep rally

In the Cholistan you can't only enjoy the architecture of the magnificent and marvelous Derawar Fort but you can enjoy a Jeep rally as well. A Jeep rally (Jeep rally doesn't mean only Jeeps are used for the rally, in Pakistan mostly people call many kinds of vehicles Jeep regardless of their origin) is held in the Cholistan desert annually.

When is the rally held? 

The rally at the Cholistan desert holds in February of each year and the event continues for 3 days. In the rally, more than 100 drivers have been participating [data up to 2016] from all over the Pakistan including the women contenders. The track of the rally spans over 450 kilometers covering three districts (Rahimyar Khan, Bahawalpur, Bahawalnagar)  of southern Punjab. 
It would be the ultimate delight for you to participate in this rally to witness the cultural richness of the southern Punjab. Along with the rally other activities, singing, dancing, and display of cultural artifacts are observed at the venue. 

In Pakistan, there are four deserts which are located in the Sindh, Punjab and Baluchistan provinces. Following is the map:

Cold desert Skardu Gilgit-Baltistan

Have you ever heard of a desert which receives snow in winter? If you haven't then there is one which you can visit in Skardu city of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. This desert is in the Skardu city at a distance of half an hour from the downtown and in the vicinity of Skardu airport. People from all over the Pakistan and abroad visit the desert in summer and a Jeep rally is held each year in July. 
If you want to witness the snow you can visit the desert during December-February and if you want to enjoy the Jeep rally you must visit in July. 

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