Beautiful Wlidlife parks of Pakistan

Pakistan is a country which is spanned over an area having varied kind of landscape. From the sun-kissed beaches at the shore of Arabian Sea to the world's mightiest mountain ranges of Himalaya and Karakoram up in the north, the country is home to hundreds of kinds of animals and birds. 
The Ibex (locally known as Markhor) is the national animal of Pakistan and it is found in different regions of Pakistan but the region of Gilgit-Baltistan is famous for the Ibex population. Wildlife parks in Pakistan are such parks designed specifically to preserve and promote the indigenous species of animals and birds because in most of the cases these animals and birds have been hunting down by the locals. 

Perowal Wildlife park, Khanewal Punjab

Gatwala Wildlife park Faislabad

Lahore Wildlife park

Komalia Wilflife park Toba Tek Singh

Changa Manga Lahore

Bahawalnagar Wildlife park Punjab

Attock Wildlife park Punjab

Jallo Wildlife park Lahore

WWF Wildlife park Karachi

Wildlife park Dera Ghazi Khan

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