Lake Saiful Muluk, KPK, Pakistan

Saiful Muluk lake is one of the most beautiful lakes of Pakistan. It's located in the Mansehra district, Hazara Division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province at a distance of 8 km from Naran town in Kaghan valley.

Also, it is an alpine lake. Its altitude above the sea level, 3,224 m (10,578 ft) makes it the highest lake in Pakistan. The lake is covered by the snow in winters and during summer when the snow disappears the lake presents a scenic view to the visitors, with blooming flowers around the lake. The lake is fed by the glacial water gushing downstream from the hills around the lake. The temperature during day remains moderate but during the night it catches somehow cold. Brown trout are found in large number, weighing about 7 kilograms.
This lake is also famous for a fictional story, it is the story of Prince of Persia who fell in love with a fairy princess here. People also believe that fairies come down to the lake during the full moon night, that is why the lake is so dashing and fabulous. 

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