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First appeared on 5th November 2012, Trango Travel & Tours is largely known for publishing exclusive and topnotch content relating the tourism in Pakistan, especially in the region of Gilgit-Baltistan, formerly known as Northern Areas of Pakistan. With its professional editors, writers, hailing from the tourism industry and, along with those having years of tourism industry experience – Trango Travel & Tours has become trust worthiest resources of information in tourism Industry of Pakistan.


Throughout, Trango Travel & Tours remained intact with its commitment:
  • To promote Pakistan’s tourism industry by not only promoting positive things but also by providing transparent pictures of related posts.
  •   Unbiased postings; supported by facts and figures instead of fiction.
  • To inform readers by notifying them about latest tourism packages, tutorials, tips, tricks and anything that encircles tourism.
  • To Protect Consumer rights by bringing those elements to the front that incline to violate consumer laws.

Who’s Behind Trango Travel & Tours?
Arif Rizvi - Founder
Trango Travel & Tours are managed by a professional team supervised by Arif Rizvi, who happens to be the founder as well. He is a graduate of University of Engineering and Technology Lahore.
He holds a special eye for the tourism industry and has been arranging tours across the nook and cranny of Pakistan. He has visited almost every place in Pakistan and is aware of necessities for the tourist according to the kind of place and tourist. He belongs to the land of K-2, Nanga  Parbat, and Deosai Plains. 


Content, including posts, pictures, comments and any other information in any form on Trango Travel & Tours is exclusively owned by Trango Travel & Tours.
Print and Electronic Media is bound to give credits in the name of Trango Travel & Tours when they use anything (in any form) from this website.

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